There’s a poem I love by Tomas Tranströmer called “The Blue House”. It has been a constant hum in my ears since I read it. I think of it so ceaselessly because of all the irrevocable choices that we have to make. To marry or not? To have kids or…

Two years ago, a loss so profound happened, that the fabric of my existence became tangled.
Each thread I held bare, fragile and naked.

Day 1: A pleasant day. A big family union. Vibrating laughter.

A closed door.

I peep in to see my grandfather asleep.

Space beside him.


What are junk bonds? Also known as high-yield bonds, it’s debt that is rated below investment grade by the rating agencies.

Why buy them? They behave like equity or shares, higher the risk hence higher the return.

A must-know is who propelled them into being. It’s Michael Milken.

In the…

Elie Wiesel

On April 11 of 1945, Elie Wiesel, 16 and orphaned in the regime, stood liberated from the Buchenwald concentration camp by the U.S Third Army. In his 1999 speech, hosted by then-President Bill Clinton and First lady Hillary Clinton, he recalls the rage in the eyes of the soldiers who…

In the libraries, in the corners of my many homes (my parents moved quite a bit) and on rainy days when the city clogged, I read. In the wake of reality, in an attempt to live a hundred vivid lives and to learn about things only spoken as hush-hush at…

Geeta Gottipati

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